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Flying circus of physics


Every two months, I send out an email newsletter. In it I mainly describe the subjects that will be coming up on the website and ask for help on other subjects that I would like to write about but still need information. I also list new information about where you can see me on television (right now, on the Discovery Channel Canada) and post news about the multiple translations of The Flying Circus of Physics that are underway.

If you would like to be on the mailing list, sign up here. I promise that no one but me will see your email address, and you can always tell me to take you off the list. You don't have to use a real name, of course, but the first and last names must be different.

Once you receive a newsletter, you can use its email address to send stuff to me. However, so that my spam blocker does not block your message, put something in the subject line such as “Flying Circus stuff.” “Stuff” is a really good phrase, don’t you think? “Flying Circus stuff” is an even better phrase. Maybe I should make a tee-shirt with that on it.

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