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Flying circus of physics

Downing of football players in lightning

Sunday, November 01, 2015


Video series

The fifth episode of my Flying Circus of Physics video series with Cleveland State has now been posted.

Downing of football players in lightning
Jearl Walker
November 2015 One of the most common ways that lightning can hurt or kill a person (or an animal) is by the currents that the lightning strike sends out through the ground from the strike point. If a person is standing with one foot closer to the strike point that the other foot, the lightning sets up an electric field along the ground between the feet, and that field can drive a current up one leg, across the torso, and down the other leg. The current can stop the breathing, stop the heart, and cause internal burns. When I first saw this video, I thought for sure that these rolling football players were knocked down and hurt by ground currents from a lightning strike off camera toward the left. (In the slow-motion replay, you can see a flash of light from that direction.)

However, when I was showing the video in class a few years ago, I noted that the players were running during the flash. So, they did not have both feet on the ground. Also, and perhaps more important, many of the hurt players were clutching their heads.

I now think that they suffered upward streamers. As explained in both The Flying Circus of Physics and my textbook, an upward streamer can occur when the electric field near the ground is strong enough to ionize air molecules. Once the electrons are pulled out of the molecules, they can flow down an ionized channel to the ground. In the video, the electron flow was down into the head of a victim and then through the body down to the ground.

To see a photograph of a prominent upward streamer (near a lightning strike to a tree), go to the first archived story at this site:

Dots · through ··· indicate level of difficulty
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