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Flying circus of physics

Newspaper articles discussing stories in The Flying Circus of Physics

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

News items 2005-2008

Some of the FCP stories have been discussed in various newspaper articles. Most of the articles were written by Bill and Rich Sones in their very popular column “Strange but True.” Their book Can a Guy Get Pregnant? can be purchased from by using the link in the Store (do you see the button in the menu at the left side of the screen?). Here are links to some of the articles that are posted on the web for free viewing. You can find more (but they may not be for free) with a Google “News” search for “Jearl Walker.”

Tree snakes that can glide through the air

Santa’s view of colored lights

Leidenfrost effect (photo of me)

Catching a baseball in a long fall

Freezing hot water

Hanging a spoon from the nose

Stadium wave


Insect plumes

Shocks between cars

Falling elevator

Lightning and cows

Story about the FCP talk

Knuckle cracking sound

Supersonic cough,5143,660212979,00.html?pg=2


Speaking after inhaling helium

Twinkies glow in ultraviolet,5143,660225138,00.html,5143,650211013,00.html

Swirling milk into coffee

Throwing a football,5143,695211215,00.html

Penguin voices,5143,695196913,00.html

The visual appearance of bad coffee,5143,700250390,00.html

Human gases,5143,695225617,00.html

Carrying a load balanced on your head,5143,695264650,00.html

Longest skid marks on record

The first views inside a body

Grass is greener on the other side of the fence

World record for lifting,5143,650207400,00.html

Brazil nut effect,5143,660201326,00.html

Looking into tornado funnel,5143,650214799,00.html

Giant tug of war,5143,650223715,00.html

Singing in the shower

Ski balloon for survival

Gyroscope hidden in luggage

Dead water

House hopping,5143,645199295,00.html

Don’t urinate onto an electrified rail

Eavesdropping with echoes

Graveyard reflections

Sounds of snapping shrimp


David and Goliath

Human cannonball

Should you run or walk through rain?,0,5278420.column (German)

Truth behind proverbs

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