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Flying circus of physics

Index G

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Index G

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Gait, Groucho (walking and running), 1.259
Galloping (oscillating) wires, wind induced
        cables and transmission lines, 2.129
        Le Point de Normandie, bridge cables, 2.129
        telephone lines singing,  3.2
        Also see Sports and Toys
        alphabet diffraction, 6.155
        boomerang, 2.9
        card throwing, 2.10, 2.10
        domino toppling, 1.68, 1.68
        horseshoe pitching, 1.83
        hula hoop, 1.84
        laser sideshow game of reflections, 6.676.67
        Lego towers, 1.66, 1.272
        pool shots, 1.74
        reflection game,
        skateboard, 1.82
        snowball, 4.34
        soap bubble, 2.122
        stacking blocks, 1.661.66 
        surf skimmer, 2.130
        swing, 1.113
        tug-of-war, 1.173
        two-mirror reflections, 6.156
Garden, physics in a,
        aphids and liquid marbles, 
        aspen tree brilliance, 6.121
        bat finding a flower, 3.25
        bees and pollination, electrostatics, 5.32
        catapulting mushroom spores, 2.99
        fish seen through water surface, 6.84
        flower petal color saturation, 6.120
        frost heave of stone through ground, 4.29
        fountains, pulsating, 2.119
        greenhouse warmth, 
        growing stones in a garden, 4.29
        irridesent plant, 6.118
        lotus effect, 2.93
        oscillating plants, 1.132
        pine needle music, 3.2
        seeds that spin, 2.11
        snow-melting plants, 4.57
        solar images beneath tree, 6.103
        stones pushed up through ground, 4.29
        structural colors, 
        tree oscillations in a wind, 1.132
        tree, water flow in, 
        twining, plants, 1.206
        warm plants, 4.57
        water striders, 2.80, 2.85, 6.89
        watering plants in sunlight, focusing, burning, 6.92
Garfield, President, magnetic search for lethal bullet, 5.41

Garlits, Don, retinal detachment in drag racing stop, 1.11
Gas station fire, cause of spark, 5.9, 5.9
Gastroliths (stomach stones to adjust buoyancy), 2.49

Gaugin, Paul, art and the attraction of bees, 7.54
       adhesion to walls and ceilings, 5.35
        vision, 7.33

Gee-haw whimmy diddle, rotor toy, 1.161
Gegenschein, light scattering by space dust, 6.149

        Alexandrite effect, color shift with change in lighting, 6.96
        diamonds, sparkle ruined by grime on the bottom, 6.94
        nacre, iridescence and luster due to optical interference, 6.116
        opals, colors due to diffraction, 6.95, 6.95
        pearls, iridescence and luster due to optical interference, 6.116
        star sapphire illusion, 6.93, 6.93
Geomagnetically induced current (GIC), electric transmission disruption, blackouts, 5.47

        Earth's magnetic field, 5.39
        electrojet, disruption of electric transmission system, 5.47
        polygonal fracture patterns, Giant's Causeway, 1.143, 1.143
        natural, 4.51
        rain runoff shafts, dramatic jets, 2.163

Ghost appearance
        mist, woman's appearance, 6.31
        Pepper's ghost, stage illusion, 6.62
Ghost light, afterimage, 7.16

Giant’s Causeway, polygonal fracture patterns, 1.143, 1.143

GIC (geomagnetic induced current),  electric transmission disruption, regional blackouts, 5.47

Giraffe blood pressure when kneeling, 2.47
Girls on the Pier, Munch painting, the missing Moon, 6.61
        elimination by polarizing glasses, 6.126
        printed page,
        flow in old church windows, 2.57
        frog, transparency in animals,
        harmonica, music from stick and slip, 3.43

        nude-in-the-shower effect, 6.88, 6.90
        thermal breaking, wine bottle neck, 4.113
Glasses (eyeglasses)
        condensation clearing, 4.66
        Lord of the Flies, starting a fire with eyeglasses, 6.93
        pinhole reading, 7.33, 7.33
                    printed page glare, 6.160
                    sky light, 6.126
                    windshield stress spots made visible, 6.129
              UV light transmission, 7.41
              yellow ski glasses, 6.56
        whiteouts, 6.55
Glaze ice, 4.19

Glitter, sunlight and moonlight, 6.37, 6.39, 6.140

g-LOC (acceleration induced loss of consciousness), 2.46

Glory, atmospheric optics 6.46

      adhesive tape when peeled, 5.17
      Andes glow, 5.21
      skis when sliding, 5.14
      St. Elmo fire, 5.21
      wintergreen mints when crushed, 5.19
Glug-glug, sound of emptying beer bottle,
2.120, 2.120
      oil blob motion in, 2.143

      pattern of water drop into glycerin, 2.152
Goggles (bone, wood, modern) to prevent snowblindness, 6.55
Goldfinger, movie, sucked from airplane through window, 
      ball dimples, aerodynamics,
2.15, 2.15
      ball hopping out of cup, ("golfer's dilemma"), 1.36, 1.36
      ball skipping on water, 1.94
      ball sounds in putting, 3.83
      club swing,
      miniature (putt-putt), 1.75
      putting, 1.36
Gomboc, self-righting toy, 1.274
Google Earth,
      diffraction of waves into harbor, Alexandria, Egypt, 2.165
Grain field
       waves, 6.45

Granular physics
       Brazil nut effect
            beer enhanced, 2.108
            regular, 2.108
       drinking glass pushed into sand, 2.175
       footsteps on beach bring up water, 2.102
       hourglass, 2.107
       landslides, mystery of long run-out, 2.115
       lifting rice with a rod, 
            video of me, The Daily Planet show
       quicksand, 2.102, 2.102
            video of me, Newton's Apple show
             booming and squeaking, 3.69, 3.69
             dune formation and migration, 2.111
             ripples, 2.110
             yardangs and other sand cuttings, 2.112
       sandpiles, 2.106
       silos, 2.107
       splashing, 2.147

Graveyard spooky lights, 6.83

Gravitational slingshot effect, 1.191

Gravity hill, illusion of things going up hill, 1.140

Gray network in vision upon waking, 7.4
Grease calming waves, 2.73
Green flash, setting sun optical effect, 6.24

Green glass, colors, 6.132

       closed-car heating, 4.84
       heating process, 4.84, 4.84

Gridlock, traffic, 1.2

Groucho walking, running, 1.259
Ground current, 5.2,

Ground effect,  race cars, 2.1

Guitar string oscillations, 3.33

Guinness stout
        bubbles move downward, 2.762.76
        widget release of gas, 2.76
              video of me, The Daily Planet show
Guitar, electric
        amplifier distortion in rock, 5.45
        camera inside, string oscillation distortion, 3.94
        Hendrix, Jimi, altering induction of pickups, 5.44
Gun sights, radioactive, 6.161
Gurney fire due to gurney acting as a capacitor, 5.16, 5.16

Gurney flap, downforce on race car, 2.1
Gushing of soda, beer, champagne, 2.76
      suitcase, prank,
      vehicle, one-wheel, stabilizing, 1.219
Gyrinid beetles colors due to diffraction gratings, 6.115

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