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Flying circus of physics

Index J-K

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Index J-K

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Jack O'Lanterns, optics, 6.157
Japanese samurai horo, cloth versus arrows, 1.130
Jar, frequency shift in noise when being filled, 3.46
Jay, Ricky, cards as weapons, 
Javelin flight, 2.127

    MRI complications, 5.42
    precious stones
          Alexandrite effect,  color shift with lighting change, 6.96
          diamonds, grim on bottom ruins sparkle on top, 6.94
          nacre, optical interference, 6.116
          opals, diffraction, 6.95, 6.95
          pearls, optical interference, 6.116
          star sapphire illusion, 6.93
Johnson, Junior, slingshot pass, car racing, 2.2
Joints, geological,
Jordon, Michael, basketball free throws while blindfolded, 1.33
Judas Priest, head banging, 1.11
foot sweep, 1.204
      hip throw, 1.111
           video of me, Newton's Apple show
           video, calculations
      landing properly, 1.55

Juggling, 1.25, 1.25
Julius Caesar, swimming escape from Egyptian army,
Jumping beans, self-launching beans, 1.39


Kaleidoscopes, reflection designs and symmetries, 6.65

Karate (tae-kwon-do)
      breaking stacks of objects, 1.45, 1.45
      Bruce Lee and the one-inch punch, 1.45
      targeting a punch, 1.45, 1.45
            video, calculations
Katrina, hurricane, buoyancy uplifting buildings and bridges, 
Kayak roll, to rotate an up-side down kayak, 1.89

Kaye effect (leaping liquid streams), 2.60, 2.60
Kelvar (fabric) body armor, 1.130, 1.130
Kennedy, President John F., explosive reaction to lethal bullet,
1.146, 1.146

       cartesian diver with a packet, 2.172 
       non-newtonian fluid behavior due to applied stress, 2.58 
Kiln, revealing the migration of Earth's magnetic field, 5.39
King crab Limulus vision, gradient index of refraction, 7.42

        Also see Food
        boiling water sounds, 3.51
        cakes, high-altitude recipes, 4.71
        cereal magnetism, 5.43, 5.43
        chicken-fat oscillator, 2.154
        circular pattern around falling stream, hydraulic jump, 2.29
        coanda effect, clinging of water stream to curved surface, 2.50, 2.50
              cup acoustics, 3.40
              pattern on surface, 2.90
              stain pattern on table top, 2.91, 2.91
        colors in sink water flow, 6.125
        cooking oil fire, danger of, 4.80
              behavior, fresh versus hard-boiled, 1.107, 1.107
              bottle trick, 2.176
                    boiling, 4.44
                    scrambling, 4.50
              flipping in tequila glass, 2.50
              in bottle, 4.99
              peeling, 2.176
              standing on end, 1.138, 1.138
                    video of me, Cleveland State University
              water climbing spinning egg, 2.28
               parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, 5.18
               salt and pepper separation, 5.60     
        fluorescent light coloring thin flowing water layer, 6.125
        food biting sounds (apples, tortilla chips), 3.52
        food wrap 
              electrostatics, 5.34
              polarizing sunglasses, birefringence, 6.129
        frying potatoes, surface reactions, 2.96
        heat pipe to transfer thermal energy into meat, 4.64
        hot chocolate effect, pitch change while stirring powder, 3.40
              video of me, Cleveland State University
        hot water freezing before cooler water, 4.12, 4.12
        hydraulic jump, circular shock wave in a sink, 2.29
        ice cream, homemade, 4.41
        ice cube worm holes, 4.21
        inflating long sandwich bag, 2.174
        ketchup pack as Cartesian diver, 2.172
        Leidenfrost effects, 4.6, 4.6
        lemon battery, 5.27
        liquid rope coils of honey and other fluids, 2.62
        meat colors
                 cooking, 4.45
                 in store, 6.135
                 iridescent, 6.135
                insulation in baked Alaska and frozen Florida deserts, 4.98
                pie,  molecular bonds, air bubbles, water separation, copper bowls, 5.36
        microwave heating, superheating danger, 4.48, 4.48
        milk optical properties
               clear band outlining shallow milk, 6.61
               colors with milk drops in water, 6.111
               kinetic speckle in shallow milk, 6.124
        oil, patterns in heated, 2.90
        pan, iridescent colors due to thin films, 6.114
        paper straw stretch and crawl when wet, 2.171
        parchment paper, curling when wet, 2.170
        percolator, various designs 4.51
        plastic food wrap electrostatics, 5.34
        potato cooking with nails and heat pipes, 4.64
        pressure cooker, 1.171
        rice, lifting with a rod, pub trick, 2.125, 2.125
              video of me, The Daily Planet show
        soap bubble colors, 6.114
        soup reversal after stirring, 2.59
               effect, stream doubling back on spout, 2.51
                       video of me, The Daily Planet show
               whistling, 3.3
        toothpick trick with water, pub trick, 2.173
        turkeys, deep frying dangers, 4.80
        water bells, and sheets formed in falling water stream, 2.101
        water stream, electrostatic deflection, 5.57
        wine evaporation patter, 2.193
Kites, 2.6

Knitting needles in space, electrostatics, 5.55
         hitches, role of friction, 
1.59, 1.59
         knot that is not a knot, 1.59
         ring hitch,

Knight Rider stunt, car driven into moving truck, 1.226
Knuckle cracking, sound production, 3.48, 3.48

Korotkoff sounds, blood flow sounds in pressure measurements, 3.49

Krakatoa volcanic eruption
       noctilucent clouds (luminous night clouds), first appearance, 6.59
        Munch's The Scream, 6.8
        sky colors, 6.8, 6.9

        sound spread world wide, 3.74

Kursk submarine, remote detection of its explosion, 1.126
        video, calculations

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